The sun, it seems, has been life’s Faustian bargain: it giveth and it taketh away.

I want to save the natural world just as much as the next environmentally conscious human being. In the end, however, all our efforts to save the Earth will be in vain. Sorry to drop such a galactic bummer on you, but the world will most certainly end in extreme heat. This is not license for carelessness and unbridled environmental degradation, which is our current path; rather, it is a realization of the deep future’s stark reality and a call to re-orienting our present thinking toward the long view of human survival and evolution.

“We’ve evolved to the point in which we have the capability to radically change our destiny through the creation and application of technology.”

Although I’ve never been accused of being an optimist, I am optimistic that we have the potential to figure out how to create and intelligently apply technology in order to solve the many current and long-range problems facing us. I say “potential” because currently, we’re not focusing our efforts on solving big problems, rather, we seem to be preoccupied with creating and using technology that’s more geared toward bread & circuses.

Scott Dewing is a technologist, teacher, and writer. He was born the same year the Internet was invented. This does not make him special— just old.

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